There's like, a million ongoing storylines in this comic. I've had people complain they don't know what the heck's going on, so maybe it would make more sense to read from the beginning? Then again, a lot of the early stuff's pretty crappy. I suppose you could read the About page to catch up and pick where you want to jump in. I don't know, do whatever you want, I guess.

1: The Early Years

We meet our main character, Jimmy Jone. His scalp is missing, but there may be hope for him yet.

2: College Bound

Jimmy says goodbye to his sister before leaving for college. Will you ever see his sister and brother again in this comic? Who knows?

3: Strange Headfellows

Jimmy arrives on campus and meets his roommate, Stuart Hunnicutt, a Mad Science student. Some people never mature.

4: Tube Boobs

Jimmy and Stuart watch an episode of the forgotten television sitcom “Melville’s”, which takes place in the restaurant above Cheers.

5: The Rising Sun

The title of this issue is a really stupid pun. Orientation –> Orient –> Rising Sun? Yuk yuk. Jimmy meets Ron Lewis in his orientation group.

6: Zero Hour

This is a college comic, yeah? Jimmy and Stuart experience their first day of classes at College State University. Jimmy falls for a girl who then falls on him.

7: Revenge & Beer, pt. 1

Jimmy gets a care package from his mom, but the way back to his room is blocked.

8: Revenge & Beer, pt. 2

The Prank War begins, and Stuart unwittingly brings home a new roommate.

9: Freak Show

Stuart is assigned a project in his mutations class. Jimmy and Ron head to the county fair, lured by the promise of puking on themselves.

10: Grey Matter

Stuart’s still working on that project. Jimmy works up the nerve to ask Diana Rosen out to the Halloween Party. Everybody else, work on your backstroke until I say to quit.

11: Night of the Living Mutations Class Final Project, pt. 1

Jimmy has his first date with Diana at the campus Halloween Party. Stuart finally finishes his project. Dr. Hapford attempts to steal Jimmy’s brain.

12: Night of the Living Mutations Class Final Project, pt. 2

Everybody chases a monster around campus. Chloe sings a song.

13: I’ve Got a Big Date Tonight!

Jimmy and Diana go on another date which should be really fuOH NO SHE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT HIS BRAIN

14: Hats Off, Gentlemen!

Jimmy and Diana are at a football game. Unbeknownst to them, Dr. Hapford has a plan to get Jimmy’s brain. Will it succeed? Probably not.

15: D-d-d-danger!

Jimmy learns that having an open head isn’t something you can keep under your hat for very long. Ha! I kill me…

16: The Long and Short of It

Stuart and the Brueckner Twins settle in to watch the entire run of The Long and Short of It, a Canadian show from the 80s about a white midget couple and their really tall black son.

17: The Art of Stalking

Ron gets stalked, and Jimmy makes a plea for the preservation of artistic works in fragile mediums.

18: Blow-Up on Aisle 7!

The gang heads to the local store for a game of Supermarket Bingo! It doesn’t end well. Take that guy on the left there, for one.

19: Stuart’s Excellent Adventure, pt. 1

Stuart, realizing that he’s about to fail his mutations class, travels back in time to set things right.

20: Stuart’s Excellent Adventure, pt. 2

Stuart meets his Future self, who is way much cooler.

21: Are We a Couple?

Jimmy and Diana navigate the early stages of a relationship. Chloe makes a poop joke.

22: Hallways

Ron and Jimmy discuss troubles with their roommates. Darryl gets lots and lots of ass in this issue, but it’s all off-screen. Sorry.

23: Sappho Stylwulle, the Lavender Menace

Jimmy gets threatened by some of Diana’s friends. Somebody already got upset at me for having a baddie lesbian in my comic. You’ll have to pick something else to send me hate mail about.

24: Check, Please!

Hapford tries to get Jimmy’s brain, but here’s the twist: it happens in a restaurant this time! Chloe remains unhelpful.

25: The High-Five Zone

Ron and Jimmy set up a “High-Five Zone” on campus. Jimmy runs into a “friend” from high school. The Campus Hobo displays his “entrepreneurial” side.

26: Ebony and Irony

Jimmy gets drawn into someone else’s problems. He then proceeds to drink a bunch. Problems, then alcohol. You’re setting up a beautiful foundation there, Jim.

27: Booze Travels Fast

Jimmy’s drunk, and news of his alleged behavior at a party has reached his girlfriend. Featured in this issue: one a’THEM kind of hippy cousins.

28: The Janie Kidshow Show

Ron and Jenny watch some Saturday morning children’s programming. Featured in this issue: great ideas from the land of make-believe.

29: Back Off, Man… I’m a Scientist!

Diana suspects that Jimmy is in danger, and puts Stuart on the job to protect him. Bonus: Antonio’s in this issue! Parties timing!

30: McBundy’s Birthday

Jimmy gets a surprise party, Ron gets bad news, and some kid gets a high score on an arcade game. Chloe sings again.

31: Games Stuarts Play

Jimmy analyzes other people’s problems at a rock concert. Stuart, as always, chooses McBundy’s over the campus dining hall.

32: Ghost of Prom Past, pt. 1

Jenny’s upset, and Ron’s getting annoyed by it. He just wants to enjoy some TV dance favorites!

33: Ghost of Prom Past, pt. 2

A ghost guy terrorizes the prom and Jenny gets over herself. With Special Guest Stars: Babies in a trunk!

34: Where Credit’s Due, pt. 1

Jimmy can’t get anyone to go see a foreign film with him. Why? They’re all doing more interesting things. You sure know how to pick ‘em, Jimmy.

35: Where Credit’s Due, pt. 2

Jimmy sees a shitty musical, Diana stages a shit-in, Cliff and Norton collect some shit, and Jenny’s artwork is shat on by her professors. Shit shit shit shit shit. Poop! (NSFW)

36: Who is... The Reasoner?

CSU is visited by the Reasoner. Why is there a superhero in a college-themed webcomic? I dunno. Masks are more fun to draw than ovoid dots for eyes?

37: Past Tense

JStuart must go back in time once again–but this time, Jimmy’s life may hang in the balance! Geez, how many Stuarts were in the lab that night?

38: Dream

Jimmy dreams. It’s weird. Bonus: nudity! So, uh, NSFW and all that.

39: Breakout

A hospital-bound Jimmy gets a visit from his parents. Some other characters get drunk and make some bad decisions.

40: Watercar

Watercar–the story of two cops who don’t play by the rules of the road…or the ocean!

41: Moving Out

It’s the end of the school year for Jimmy and the gang. Is anything resolved at all? Probably not!

42: It Came… From the Photocopier!

A candid look into a typical day at CSU’s Mad Science department. Also featuring: organizational sexism and extra appendages!

43: Return of Sappho

The less than triumphant return of everybody’s favorite power-hungry gal! Perhaps jail was less stressful.

44: A Suitable Partner

The gang begins their sophomore year, Stuart gets a new lab partner, and Ned mucks around with physics.

45: Angry Assholes

Jimmy begins his quest to create the ultimate dorm room. Ron & Jenny attend Open Mic Night at the Coffee Pun Cafe. Everybody plays a gross-ass game.

46: Coupling, pt. 1 of 3

Ron and Jimmy make good on their promise of turning their newly-acquired space into a Sex Room. Priscilla uses Stuart as a test subject for her experiments. Also, the mysterious “THUF!2008″ begins…

47: Coupling, pt. 2 of 3

A figure from Jimmy’s past surfaces, much to Diana’s disliking. Ron stands strong in his commitment to THUF! Bonus: insight into the female psyche as written by two privileged white boys!

48: Coupling, pt. 3 of 3

Jenny monstersits for Stuart and Priscilla while Jimmy deals with a naked girl in his room. NSFW (duh)

49: Revenge of Darkfist, pt. 1 of 3

Ron and Jenny continue to expand the boundaries of the best dorm room ever. The Reasoner watches out for Jimmy. Socrateen shops alone.

50: Revenge of Darkfist, pt. 2 of 3

Ron and Jenny ponder the mysteries of the student mind, while the Reasoner is hot on Darkfist’s tail. Unlikely encounters in the bushes.

51: Revenge of Darkfist, pt. 3 of 3

The Reasoner faces his most non-existent foe yet! Diana and Priscilla navigate being roommates. Jimmy, as always, does mostly nothing.

52: The Ochmoneks Go to Hawaii

America’s favorite neighbor couple stops a terrorist plot. Thursday, 9PM EST, NBC

53: Girl, Interjected

Diana and Priscilla gain a strange new roommate. Chester can’t handle it.

54: Vote of No Confidence

Norton and Cliff do damage control after the publication of a libelous newspaper article. Diana tries to do damage control on her feelings. Nobody’s very successful.

55: UPR

Ron and Jimmy wallow in the spoils of conquest. Crayon Girl narrowly misses learning about the birds and the bees. Chloe sobers up.

56: So it’s a Jew you’re wanting to be now

Jimmy follows through on his idea to become a Jew, which he mentioned in what, issue 39? Geez, I sure do play the long game with this comic. Bonus feature: Jumble on p. 17!

57: Ouster

Kiki turns out to be more of a wimp than you thought. Jimmy has some qualms. Plus there’s two characters with yicky teeth.

58: What Will Ruin the Dance This Year?

Diana tries to align herself with existing feminist iconography. Stuart loses his head. Jimmy loses his balance. Bonus: Antonio(s)!?

59: 50 Millions Antonios Aren’t Be Make Mistakes

Chloe discovers philosophy, and Priscilla discovers fun. I’m pretty sure that costume contest was rigged.

60: Rock on, Pale Savior

The gang gathers to see whether Diana wins the race for student body president. Ron buys Olmec. You heard me.

61: Breaks, pt. 1 of 3

Ron's spending habits catch up with him, Crayon Girl & Wendell are sent to "finishin' school", and Chloe sings a song.

62: Breaks, pt. 2 of 3

Ron gets weird, Chloe gets dry, Diana gets angry, Crayon Girl gets her seat wet.

63: Breaks, pt. 3 of 3

Shoutin', swearin', and cryin', in that order. Get your hankies ready, folks.

64: Garage Barrage!

The Jimmy Jone writing staff spoof a reality TV genre whose heyday was something like 10 years ago. Real cutting edge, guys.

65: Initiation, pt. 1 of 3

Jimmy must undergo a complex initiation process to join the campus Psychology club. Instead of you know, just filling out a form or something. I swear, this university. Also Stuart buys a thing.

66: Initiation, pt. 2 of 3

Stuart and Priscilla play a stupid game. Jimmy also plays a stupid game, but it's a different stupid game. Lots of people shouting in this one.

67: Initiation, pt. 3 of 3

Jimmy stands around and does nothing and lets all the other characters carry the story, but then at the end he finally does something. What else is new?

68: Beards, Young and Old, pt. 1 of 2

Jenny and Chloe team up to babysit that kid, you know, the only kid in the comic? The one that's like, made of crayons or something? Also, Outsidetopia, Population: 9

69: Beards, Young and Old, pt. 2 of 2

This issue reaches a critical mass of fourth-tier characters. One first-tier character blindly helps to restore the balance while another blindly ignores the warning signs.

70: Ron Lewis Can't Lose

Ron and Jimmy discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Ron's condition. Plus there's a mime!

71: Ned

Learn all about Ned in this shocking tell-all issue. Or not. Who knows. Who cares.

72: Psycho Sees

Ron freaks out something fierce. Poor Jimmy thinks he's depressed.